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Lamassu Diagnostic S.L.

PRoPosit Bio SL, in collaboration with the Horsepital veterinary hospital and Cuadra Casa’l Capellán, have founded the company Lamassu Diagnostic SL for the research and production of equine blood products for use in the field of equine veterinary medicine.

Lamassú Diagnostic S.L. is the result of the pooled expertise of Dr Willy Manley and Dr Gonzalo Marañón (equine veterinarians and the owners of Horsepital), Santiago Núñez (equine geneticist-biologist and owner of Cuadra Casa´l Capellán) and Dr José Luis Bueno (haematologist and scientific director of PRoPosit Bio).

Lamassu Diagnostic S.L. produces various products, among them hyperimmune serum, platelet-rich plasma for use in tendon and joint conditions, fibrin gels rich in platelet growth factors for application to wounds, ophthalmic sera rich in growth factors and hyperimmune plasma for the treatment of immature foals or diarrhoeal syndrome.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) produced by Lamassu has the following characteristics:

  • It is obtained from donor horses, which are continuously monitored microbiologically. (allogenic product).
  • PRP is obtained by means of a high-efficiency “closed” method that obtains PRP with a very high platelet concentration (800-1000  109/L) and free of WBCs and RBCs and obtained in an aseptic manner.
  • The PRP obtained is subject to a quarantine of at least two months, with the donor horse tested for blood transmissible infections before and two months after the PRP collection process. During this period, the PRP is kept in “quarantine” in deep-freeze and is not available for use.
  • As a further safety measure, the PRP obtained is subject in some cases to pathogen inactivation consisting of a photochemical treatment to inactivate encapsulated bacteria and viruses possibly not detected during microbiological testing.
  • Platelet lysate may be stored frozen up to 36 months. At least one freeze-thaw step may be performed during this period without lysate functional loss. Once thawed for use, lysates should not be kept thawed for more than six hours.
  • PRP in the form of platelet lysate does not require activation with calcium or thrombin before it is applied because the growth factors have already been released by the freeze-thaw process.
  • All products are issued with a medical report that lists the microbiological results, quarantine period, platelet, WBC and RBC concentrations of the product as well as other quality controls performed.
  • PRP in the form of ready-to-use platelet lysate, after thawing, is marketed in several formats, according to the therapeutic aim:
    • In a pre-filled 3- or 5-mL syringe for use in tendinopathies or intra-articular use.
    • In gel form, for the treatment of wounds or for intra-surgical use.
    • In single-dose ophthalmic vials to treat corneal ulcers and other eye conditions. These vials are prepared according to the “Asturias packaging procedure”, which provides single dose ophthalmic vials in a sterile package.
  • Other products:
    • Hyperimmune serum in 200- and 500-cc bags. It is used as a passive immunotherapy for the treatment of equine infections
  • All products have been tested to determine the number of platelets, WBCs and RBCs. They have also undergone pathogen inactivation, and microbiological testing and quarantine.

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