Everything you need to know about PRP

PRoPosit Bio does not directly treat patients.

PRoPosit Bio only treats patients referred by a medical professional, dentist or podiatrist.

If you are interested in undergoing a treatment with PRP, contact your physician and find out about the usefulness and potential risks of this therapy in your individual case.

If you are a medical professional, dentist or podiatrist and are interested in obtaining further information please contact us:

Metropolitan area of Madrid: Dr José Luís Bueno

Physicians who routinely prescribe platelet-rich plasma (PRP) prepared by PRoPosit are:


Dr. Jesús Beltrán Bengoechea

Dr. Juan de Miguel Sáez

Sanatorio Nuestra Señora del Rosario


Dr. Javier Ferreira Vilanova
Hospital San Rafael 
C/Serrano 199

Aesthetic medicine

Dra. Prudencia Gil Serrano

Instituto Montemauro
C/ General Lopez Pozas 5

Aesthetic, regenerative and capillary therapy medicine

Dra. Elena Rupérez Caballero

Treatment of vascular y diabetic ulcers

Lara Castaño

Enfermera y Podóloga