Organizational flowchart


Board of Directors. Management of PRoPosit Bio’s general policy; comprised of administrator and partners.

Scientific and Quality Management. Physician specializing in Haematology and Haemotherapy. Responsible for the design of standard operating procedures for operations, quality, R&D and scientific communications. This area defines the aims of the company and defines job responsibilities. It also oversees all patient- and processing-related activities as well as  products and laboratory results, and signs all medical reports generated. The area handles patient visits and answers their medical questions.

Financial and Legal Management. Graduate in Economics and Political

Sciences and/or Law. Responsible for tracking income and expenditures. This area works closely with Scientific Management and with Legal Counsel and Accountancy.

Director Support

Management Secretarial Office. Administrative assistant and

secretarial area. Administrative work, document control, database creation and maintenance. This area also works with the Data Protection Law and Occupational Risk Management firm.

Technological Development: Lab specialist technician, nursing university graduate, biologist, graduate diploma or engineer with haematology experience component processing. This area is responsible for finetuning new technological processes developed by R&D and for validating protocols and SOPs. It also monitors, manages, calibrates and maintains equipment, manages and supervises product storage, and handles material inventories and vendor relations. The area also sends samples and end products and monitors deadlines.


Opertative Units

Collection Area. Nurse with experience in blood draws, especially in blood donation and apheresis. Draws blood from patients.

Processing Area. Laboratory technician with experience in blood component processing, cell

or related cultures. This area processes blood components to obtain the intended products and issues medical reports to be supervised by the Scientific Director.

Patient Care and Pharmacovigilance Area. Nursewith experience in blood component processing and empathy when treating patients. This area gives appointments, explains the characteristics of the procedures and answers patients’ non-medical questions. It also issues invoices and handles payments.

Marketing and Institutional Relations Area. Graduate in Biological Sciences and Master’s in Marketing and Communications, with experience in business relations and new client searches. Responsible for researching subsidies and grants and for other institutional relations.


Opertative Units

Legal Consultancy and Accountancy. Outside company responsible for accounting support, institutional relations with Spanish Inland Revenue and Employment Relations. This area works closely with financial and legal management.

GDPR Consultancy and Occupational Risk Management: Outside company responsible for ensuring that the company meets legal requirements relating to data protection and occupational risk.

Outside laboratories: Provide microbiological and blood count testing services to PRoPosit.

Process Map