Why do we innovate?

PRoPosit is a SME that was born with a research and Innovation aim on the Transfusion, Hemotherapy and Cell Therapy areas, that grew up to make feasible some ideas of his founder, an hematologist MD with 25 year of experience in these fields.

The first project developed by our Company was the “PRoPosit method” to obtain platelet rich plasma (PRP) for non transfusional clinical use. This project is on market from 2014, and more than 400 patients have been treated with our protocol. More information on this project is available in our web. From that experience, PRoPosit developed some hemotherapy project in the veterinary field with two partners. See “ProPosit Vet”.

Recently, the development of a new transfusional safety system, named “the Para-T system” has boosted our R&D department, specially after the grant obtained in february 2018 in the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme. SME Phase I. Please, for more information on this project, go to the “The Para-T transfusional safety project”.


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