• Posted by Mary on julio 15, 2016, 2:19 pm

    Female hair loss is usually much more complex that male hair loss. Even if a woman has a genetic tendency to develop the condition, a certain trigger is often needed for it to occur. Very often having low iron stores or vitamin D levels is the trigger. If you suffer from an iron deficiency, your hair follicles don’t get enough oxygen and they enter a resting stage. As for vitamin D, it seems to be responsible for regulating the expression of genes that promote normal hair growth. Men on the other hand need to focus on the use of topical anti-androgens. So, to treat hair loss:
    1. Eat some meat or take a supplement that contains iron (take the advice of your physician first)
    2. Get some sunshine
    3. Try to eat foods that may reduce the production of DHT (an androgen). A good choice would be pumpkin seeds.
    4. Try a product like this one http://www.noteletrackcash4ps.com/2016/03/groei360-reviews.html to reduce DHT topically.

    The first 2 tips apply mainly to women.

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